WPLMS Appointments Update 1.4

Version 1.4

Bug Fixes:

  1. Button Text Change of the Schedule Popup to avoid confusion
  2. Remove Schedule On clicking Set date Showing Error
  3. Disable Overlay in the walkthrough for the popup window
  4. A Welcome Screen Added in walkthrough: If Someone Click on that then all the steps will be completed by walkthorugh and user only need to click next step button
  5. The Time was showing like 6:0 instead of 6:00
  6. Booking Tab was not showing the Popups of the passed timeslots
  7. Removing Single Schedule remove the save availability button also which is fixed in this update
  8. Date Shift Issue Fix: There is a bug in the timezone that the date is shifting instead of showing the actual date for which the schedule is added
  9. After setting the break slots if someone will not save the save availability schedule, a notice will be visible

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    1. Diana

      Please do not post random comments here. If you have any issue regarding the addon do let me know

      1. moseskonlan

        Okay, please i have an issue and i need your assistance on the issue. thank you

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