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WPLMS Chat is now Available

WPLMS Live chat is now available. This is a part of bigger project WPLMS Live, we call it Live as all the features included in this set would be realtime. There are several projects lined up, realtime Appointments, whiteboards, notifications and others. You can purchase it from here : You can also try it out at , you'll notice there is slightly different interface for non-loggedin member and logged in member. The interface is slightly different for instructor or administrators. WPLMS Chat is specifically designed for eLearning needs. Unlike regular chat plugins which only offer Pre-sales chat, WPLMS Chat is capable of handling much more. Which includes Group chat, personal chat, course specific chats and much more. It has an inbuilt notification system and can be connected to several LMS functions. Use case  1 : A user searching for course can chat with instructor by clicking on his avatar. Use Case 2 : Course pre-sales chat , prospective students can chat with instructor. Course pursue chat, students pursuing courses can chat with each other. Use Case 3 : Students can chat with each other and invite other members to become a part of the chat. Use Case 4 : You can enable a system where you can embed a Chat in a unit and the course instructor has the power to mark student's unit as finished. So, a course instructor - WPLMS Chat will be available from WPLMS 3.6 version.

Introducing WPLMS Live

We're really excited about launching a new section in WPLMS called as "Live". This section is an enhancement to existing WPLMS and comprises of all the features which work in Real Time. For example : Live chat All these features are built on ReactJS & Firebase, so a Google account is a pre-requisite for these features. We're going to add these features as addons for WPLMS.