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How to Add Availability Schedule? Go to Instructor’s Profile, a tab(Appoin
What is Appointments? An Appointment in simple language is defined as an arrange
Guternberg blocks have been added to WPLMS in version 3.9.3  
fixes : 1 . calendar not showing in schedule 2 . batch duration not overwriting
Objective This addon enables you to assign certificates to your Quizzes. The cer
In wplms 3.9.2 ,we have introduced course unsubscribe option for students . To e
In wplms 3.9.2 ,we have introduced course subsections . This is a built in featu
download link   Provided option to change the profile slug of a user .Adds
FOR WPLMS 2.3+ versions We have added a new feature called “Registration F
In WPLMS 3.9.1 update you will now see a new feature to set Carousel rows. By de
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