Book Instructor in WPLMS Appointments

How to Add Availability Schedule?

    • Go to Instructor’s Profile, a tab(Appointments) will appear there. Under Appointments tab there are 4 sub-tabs. Click on Settings tab and add availability schedule
    • Set date and time and click on save availability schedule button. Once the schedule set, it will be appeared like this
    • Click on Show calendar to check the available schedule. Using click and drag will allow to select the dates for schedule
    • Click on show details to break your schedules in smaller slots
    • There is a student view tab which students can access. They can check the available schedule and can book the appointment from here.


    • When Student booked the schedule that request will be visible in the instructing appointments tab(only visible to the instructor)
    • It depends on the instructor whether he accepts the request or rejects the request
    • After accepting, those schedules, will be visible in My Bookings sub tab to the instructor
    • Once the Booking schedule will be accepted by instructors, booked slots will appear like this in the instructing appointments section
    • A More Detail Button will appear, when you click that button a popup will appear where 4 tabs are present
    • Activity logs are also recorded which is a feature of buddypress and we are using that
    • If touchpoints are enabled students as well as instructors will be notified

Please check this video for a better understanding:


Courses Pricing For Appointments

    • An instructor can set the pricing for appointments for a particular course as well.
    • Edit the course in the frontend and click on Pricing Section
    • There you will find a switch, if you will enable this switch it shows following settings



There are 8 touchpoints available in wplms appointments addon. It will work same as the touchpoints work in wplms. Go to wp-admin > LMS > Settings > TouchPoints

  • Appointment Booking Confirmed – Notification will be send when instructor will confirm the appointment booking
  • Appointment Booking Rejected – Notification will be send when instructor will reject the appointment Booking
  • Appointment Updated –  When there is a change in the appointment schedule. Students will be notified
  • Appointment Requested – When a student requested for an appointment
  • Appointment Booking Rescheduled – When Appointment Booking is rescheduled
  • Appointment Booking Cancelled – when a booking is cancelled
  • Appointment Cancellation Requested – When a student requested for appointment cancellation
  • Appointment Reschedule Requested – When a student requested for for rescheduling an appointment due to some reasons


BigBlueButton Server and Server Secret

  • If you are using big blue button as a server then your BigBlueButton Server Link will be :  (Just an example).

The Link will be where you set up the server

And your server secret, you will have to find out using commands as mentioned in the documentation of bbb api:

  • But, if you are using videoencrypt then the Link will be:
  • And the server secret will be the api key which you will get after purchasing the minutes:


Introduction to wplms appointments:

BBB Setup On Server:  In any case if you are not using videoencrypt and installing bbb on your server the please check this link first


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