Book Instructor in WPLMS Appointments

How to Add Availability Schedule?

    • Go to Instructor’s Profile, a tab(Appointments) will appear there. Under Appointments tab there are 4 sub-tabs. Click on Settings tab and add availability schedule
    • Set date and time and click on save availability schedule button. Once the schedule set, it will be appeared like this
    • Click on Show calendar to check the available schedule. Using click and drag will allow to select the dates for schedule
    • Click on show details to break your schedules in smaller slots
    • There is a student view tab which students can access. They can check the available schedule and can book the appointment from here.


    • When Student booked the schedule that request will be visible in the instructing appointments tab(only visible to the instructor)
    • It depends on the instructor whether he accepts the request or rejects the request
    • After accepting, those schedules, will be visible in My Bookings sub tab to the instructor
    • Once the Booking schedule will be accepted by instructors, booked slots will appear like this in the instructing appointments section
    • A More Detail Button will appear, when you click that button a popup will appear where 4 tabs are present
    • Activity logs are also recorded which is a feature of buddypress and we are using that
    • If touchpoints are enabled students as well as instructors will be notified

Please check this video for a better understanding:


Courses Pricing For Appointments

    • An instructor can set the pricing for appointments for a particular course as well.
    • Edit the course in the frontend and click on Pricing Section
    • There you will find a switch, if you will enable this switch it shows following settings



There are 8 touchpoints available in wplms appointments addon. It will work same as the touchpoints work in wplms. Go to wp-admin > LMS > Settings > TouchPoints

  • Appointment Booking Confirmed – Notification will be send when instructor will confirm the appointment booking
  • Appointment Booking Rejected – Notification will be send when instructor will reject the appointment Booking
  • Appointment Updated –  When there is a change in the appointment schedule. Students will be notified
  • Appointment Requested – When a student requested for an appointment
  • Appointment Booking Rescheduled – When Appointment Booking is rescheduled
  • Appointment Booking Cancelled – when a booking is cancelled
  • Appointment Cancellation Requested – When a student requested for appointment cancellation
  • Appointment Reschedule Requested – When a student requested for for rescheduling an appointment due to some reasons


BigBlueButton Server and Server Secret

  • If you are using big blue button as a server then your BigBlueButton Server Link will be :

And your server secret, you will have to find out using commands as mentioned in the documentation of bbb api:

  • But, if you are using videoencrypt then the Link will be:
  • And the server secret will be the api key which you will get after purchasing the minutes:


Introduction to wplms appointments:

BBB Setup On Server:  In any case if you are not using videoencrypt and installing bbb on your server the please check this link first


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