WPLMS emails not working

If your Emails are not being sent. If Your activation Mail is not Being sent If you Mails are only being sent as TEXT Only. Then Try using one of the following plugins : POSTMAN SMTP : TUTORIAL  WP-Mail SMTP : TUTORIAL  

Postman SMTP for Emails

Postman SMTP Plugin : https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-smtp/   1. Install the Postman SMTP plugin from WP Admin – Plugins – Add New 2. Follow the setup wizard as below screenshots : 3. The outgoing Mail server should be : smtp.gmail.com 4. Note the Port : 587 6. Enter you gmail USERname and Password. […]

WPLMS Course Details Custom Field

— For versions 2.6 or below. Go to wp-admin->plugins->editor->wplms-customizer open wplms-customizer.php Add these lines after “include_once ‘classes/customizer_class.php’;” Copy the code that is present in this gist link : CODE After that Go to wp-admin->LMS settings->Course Settings You can Add, reorder, set privacy of this custom detail there.

Buddy Press Translation Guide Using Loco Translator

Buddy Press Translation using Loco Translator. You can download Buddypress’ 100% Translation Files from here : https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/buddypress 1. Go to This link https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/buddypress 2. Choose Portable object message catalog in the drop down menu (po/pot) 3. Po file will be downloaded 4. Now Choose Machine object message catalog in the drop down menu […]

Translate Using Loco Translate Plugin

TRANSLATION GUIDES     *INDEX* Download 100% Translated files of Buddypress, Woocommerce and buddydrive. Start Editing our provided translation files with the theme and it’s plugins the correct way. Creating your own Translation files. Backup translations for safely updating plugins and theme. Synchronising your POT, PO and MO files after Update […]