New Features :

  1. Total Student Count for Instructor added in Dashboard Instructor Simple Stats

Updates :

  1. Instructor Content privacy now works in WP Admin – Media section as well.
  2. Course Category Order added in LMS – Course Category
  3. WPLMS Front end works in Firefox
  4. Customiser Dark/Light Menu background/text colors now work for Course Menu, Front end Course creation tabs, Start course page course timeline, Quiz timeline.
  5. Clear answer switch in negative marking quizzes
  6. Restrict Students from deleting important activity

Bug Fixes :

  1. DRIP Feed bug in Non-Ajax courses
  2. Linkage not working.
  3. Unit Forum bug
  4. Font end bugs with PHP 7
  5. Edit product overwrites course
  6. Create questions in quiz overwrites quiz description bug
  7. Confimation Popup click outside bug
  8. Edit product not working after product edit or product create
  9. Remove group in course from wp admin bug
  10. Assignment duration display bug in units
  11. Todo list missing /ul
  12. Submit announcement loading icon
  13. Start date blank still displayed in course
  14. Font end Event creation print issues.
  15. Course Admin students name not visible while adding students
  16. Comments order not working in blog posts
  17. Update .pot files
  18. Unit printing links print bug
  19. Time ENDED bug in course quiz
  20. Course imteline accordion next section first unit does not open automatically
  21. Multiple correct question in question shortcode displays two results
  22. Save components,curriculum do not respond when clicked outside the confirmation popup
  23. Login popup issue with screens less than 360px
  24. Tab shortcode not working for Non-Latin languages
  25. Images with caption are not responsive
  26. Bullets show up in question shortcode
  27. Question template translation
  28. Translation fixes


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  1. dale12

    Has anyone tried it as yet , any comments on if this update works well

  2. nena14

    Where do I find Modern 2.0.8? When downloading from Envato, I still get Modern 2.0.7.

      1. OTNL

        Waiting for already 3 days to get an answer on broken styling in modern theme on slack. you just don’t respond.

        1. Why slack for support issues ? Please use it as urgent/emergency channel. Please create support topics for support issues.

        1. Update the vibe course module and the notification would go away. There are no major issues in modern theme so you can continue using the current version.

          1. OTNL

            ehm….to my knowledge there are a few design issues with 2.07 so im anxious to have the new 2.08 update

  3. simo

    after update courses curriculum shows 404 error page ?
    courses front end creation the background is white and i can’t see the words and don’t know how to change the background colors?
    dashboard for the instructor and student is vanished how can i recover it back?

    i need a serious help over here

  4. dale12

    Hello the llinks wont open for the course chapters or units , we haveto mark complete to go to the next unit , but previously i could see the links in last update

      1. dale12

        my unit completion lock is off , in the course page backend

        1. Also check wp admin – wplms – course manager – unit locking make sure this is also off.

          1. dale12

            I did so , unit locking in course manager is off . So too is media locking . Double checked the problem and still exists . i also save permalinks like you said in other tuts and still problem persists

          2. Ok so I would need to check your site for this, is there any support topic you’ve so that we can check the issue v

          3. dale12

            Hello i solved it now . In LmS setting . i first unchecked , under course status setting , uncheck Show curriculum accordion style . and also optional (Ajax disabled in course unit loads)

  5. szmaragd

    Is it safe to make an upgrade? I have active theme from (circa) five updates, I have not updatet from this time yet, and I am afraid of updating because I see many people have problems after updates.

    1. If you’re in 2.x then you should upgrade. If you’re upgrading from 1.x to 2.x then you can try replicating your site in a sub domain and then upgrade in the sub site. After upgrade you need to re-set the permalinks and clear browser caching.

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