Features :

  1. Ajax Login and registration, tutorial
  2. Forgot password mails, tutorial
  3. Manage course details, tutorial


  1. Dynamic Quizzes , now set marks per tag set. Tutorial


  1. Sliders not downloading in one click installer.
  2. Fuzzy translations in pot and translation files.
  3. Custom sections not saving in Course custom nav plugin (update for this plugin is available).
  4. Duration function visibility
  5. Course category redirect – Course directory title updated
  6. Alter appears when moving away from unit edit screen in backend
  7. Check answer in multi-fillblank not working in question shortcode.
  8. Regenerate certificate not working with ?regenerate_certificate flag
  9. Check answers user case when user does not mark the question.
  10. Quiz save triggering quiz submit when retake done in in-course quiz.
  11. Course manager not showing correct pages when WPML activated.
  12. Translation bugs in Assignments.
  13. Course news visible to add students.
  14. Fonts list not refreshing in WPLMS fonts manager
  15. Course reviews not following discussion order settings.
  16. Visual composer not appearing in install plugins section.
  17. Fullscreen course template bug for quiz start button

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