Features :

  1. Ajax Login and registration, tutorial
  2. Forgot password mails, tutorial
  3. Manage course details, tutorial


  1. Dynamic Quizzes , now set marks per tag set. Tutorial


  1. Sliders not downloading in one click installer.
  2. Fuzzy translations in pot and translation files.
  3. Custom sections not saving in Course custom nav plugin (update for this plugin is available).
  4. Duration function visibility
  5. Course category redirect – Course directory title updated
  6. Alter appears when moving away from unit edit screen in backend
  7. Check answer in multi-fillblank not working in question shortcode.
  8. Regenerate certificate not working with ?regenerate_certificate flag
  9. Check answers user case when user does not mark the question.
  10. Quiz save triggering quiz submit when retake done in in-course quiz.
  11. Course manager not showing correct pages when WPML activated.
  12. Translation bugs in Assignments.
  13. Course news visible to add students.
  14. Fonts list not refreshing in WPLMS fonts manager
  15. Course reviews not following discussion order settings.
  16. Visual composer not appearing in install plugins section.
  17. Fullscreen course template bug for quiz start button

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  1. cloudnine

    Ajax Login and registration not working for modern theme.
    The following setting is not there in WPLMs – BuddyPress
    Enable the setting in WP admin – WPLMs – BuddyPress – Enable Ajax login and registration.

    Can you please check and resolve.

    Also I thought WPLMS 2.6 will be released having Ajax loading of custom tabs. Any updates as it was promised to be released in first week of Feb.


    1. Modern theme overwrites templates, so you’ll need to change the login style from default to any other style in WP admin – Appearance – Theme customiser – Header – Login style

  2. cloudnine

    I changed the login sytle to popup, but the issue is

    I don’t see setting in Buddypress to enable Ajax login and registration.

    So there are no setting in buddypress.


  3. hitsheets

    Ajax not working in Demo Theme 1, also I don’t see the Course settings in LMS > Settings Tab.

    1. hitsheets

      Actually, give me a sec…I had to update the plugins to the 2.5.2 version. I’ll let you know what took place…

    2. This could only mean that your theme and plugins are not updated properly. Please make sure that the theme WPLMS and the plugins Vibe course module, vibe customtypes are updated to version 2.5.2

      1. hitsheets

        After updating my plugins, I see that the Course Setting in LMS > Settings is there and that works as expected.

        As for the login, the ajax isn’t working (I used all the different login variations). It still goes to the default login screen.

        As a matter of fact, when I enable “Login Only” in the WPLMS > Buddypress option, it ADDS a field called “enter registration user id” at the bottom of the login / password popup.

        And when I enable Login & Registration, and create a default template in LMS > Settings > Registration, it ADDS the extra registration fields to the popup.

        Is there an ajax enable option I’m missing?

        1. Yes, it seems you’re using modern theme, which overwrites default theme templates. So, we need to check if this feature has any conflict with Wplms.

  4. lincourtl

    The Ajax login is not working for us either and we’re on the default theme. I did set the login to pop-up, and changed the LMS settings as described in the tutorial.

      1. lincourtl

        WangGuard and WPS Hide Login to move the login URL (most effective way I’ve found to stop spam registrations).

      2. lincourtl

        WangGuard and WPS Hide Login to move the login URL (most effective way I’ve found to stop spam registrations). And yes, browser cache was cleared.

      3. lincourtl

        Disabling WPS Hide Login gave me Ajax functionality for misententered credentials and forgot password but not registration.

        Did you happen to hard code wp-admin.php? Or is there any other way to make the Ajax login work with this plugin? It’s incredibly useful, and something I believe I saw recommended here.

        1. Nothing is hard coded, in fact we did take care of renaming of wp-login.php. However, we did not test wit the WPS hide plugin, so we’ll test it and release an update if necessary. The registration requires you to set a default custom registration form as stated in the tutorial.

          1. lincourtl

            Ah, OK. Requiring a custom registration form was not clear to me from the video. Thank you.

  5. guardiavirtual

    The registration page does not work with ajax. I followed the steps in the video.

  6. fuadmurad

    After enabling Ajax login as instructed in the video, there is a “enter registered emai id” field that’s added to the popup and a “get reset password link” button that’s added too. And if I click on “forgot password” it still takes me to the default wordpress forgot password page. I’m using the modern theme. Is this an issue with the modern theme or are there any other settings I should be aware of?

  7. tuaptitud

    In my template does not appear the options in WPLMS – Bydypress (after making the updates) also in the update log does not show that the theme is updated in version 2.5.2 despite updating the plugins (one by one, not In package)

  8. rumitru

    I don’t see setting in Buddypress to enable Ajax login and registration.

  9. brempel

    Since updating to 2.5.2 my instructors are seeing all the courses for our academy listed under their “Instructing Courses” in their profile, instead of what used to be there, just the ones that they were instructing. What is the fix for this?

    1. Update vibe course module to version and the issue would be resolved automatically.

  10. EmanuelGT

    I got everything updated and I’m not using modern either. Popup login and registration page was created, but ajax for registration or password reset still not working

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