========= UPDATE 2.7.3 =========


  1. Product template WooCommerce 3.0.1
  2. Visual Composer, EventOn, Layer slider updated
  3. Assignments fix for JPEG
  4. get_product deprecated notice fix
  5. WPML compatibility in options panel.
  6. WPML & wplms assignments back to course button fix

========= UPDATE 2.7.2 =========


  1. Item not removing from Cart in WooCommerce 3.0
  2. Cart page error on WooCommerce 2.x
  3. Drip feed section with origin
  4. CoAuthors in Blog posts and single posts.
  5. coAuthors fix in featured blocks.

========= UPDATE 2.7.1 =========

Features :

  1. Assignment Statistics, screenshot

Updates :

  1. Visual Composer updated
  2. Switch in Course codes widget to hide course codes for course members.
  3. Tested with WooCommerce 3.0

Fixes :

  1. Mobile menu does not close in Safari.
  2. WooCommerce categories fix in shop page.
  3. Contact form in utf8 and non utf8 format.
  4. CoAuthors in posts  not working.
  5. File permissions compare issue in Setup Wizard
  6. Quiz stats download incorrect for marked answers.
  7. Breadcrumbs displayed twice while editing topics.
  8. Megamenu rendering issue in safari.
  9. Certificate not working in course stats.
  10. Show error on Course title, when user tries to create a course without entering a title value.
  11. RTL Fixes


========= UPDATE 2.7 =========

Features :

  1. Featured Courses . link
  2. New featured block : link
  3. Show badges and certificate example popup in course details widget, tutorial

Updated  :

  1. Course count in course filter widget .
  2. Lms tree option in LMS  is now shown to instructors.
  3. Unapproved comments status shown in unit comments.
  4. Fullscreen page template open and close icon changed.
  5. Certificate templates excluded from header search
  6. Admin courses will not be sent for approval.
  7. Add Odnosklassniki icon in social media icons.
  8. Login with email in ajax login.
  9. Set “News” permalinks in permalinks settings
  10. Added filters in lms -> statitics to add custom tabs and stats .

Fixed :

  1. course filter widget does not appear in level and location pages when redirect is enabled
  2. Messages,notifications component disabled still able to enable touch points
  3. Show random questions in static quiz on start quiz without any retakes.
  4. drip feed not working properly if skip course status page is enabled.
  5. Process stats in single quiz page showing wrong start and end dates.
  6. user’s avatar does not shows in case of unit’s comments
  7. dashboard contact widget showing instructor option even if hide instructors across site is enabled
  8.  assignment in course admin student stats not marked complete on reloading page
  9. unit comments does not shows edit link like wordpress comments
  10. Bulk message not sending to all students from course admin, but only the students shown on one screen.
  11.  in course admin user stats it shows under evaluation for all quizzes
  12. Quick edit missing in posts.
  13. popup.js file including on posts also from vibe shortcode plugin
  14. Forgot password issue, content is not changing in email.
  16. Custom registration form appearing on the wp-login.php page.
  17.  duartion prama set in year show in months
  18. non uniformity in students list in course admin
  19. course news permalink added for news tab in courses .
  20. migrate emails not working properly
  21. Contact form in dashboard widget not showing the number of members the message was sent to.
  22. Header logo not uploading in option panel if the page is not reloaded.
  23. Admin courses are also sent for approval.
  24. assignment does not gets reset in case of course retake when it is evaluated
  25. in front end in some settings like drip feed if its already enabled then also the drip settings are hidden by default.
  26. Course Tab auto scroll does not work with Translations
  27. Strict standard issue on single unit page.
  28. Contact form via BuddyPress Emails, not working properly.
  29. in reset quiz function remove usermeta code missing .
  30. Translation bug in front end bug for french language.
  31. Contact page form : arabic language shown as question mark in the email.


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  1. AccordWorldwide


    We were expecting the mobile app release earlier this year. Any update?

    1. The App is somewhat delayed, but the work is in progress. We’re releasing VideoVibe plugin for Vimeo uploads this week.

  2. Ash

    WPLMS is awesome. Keep up the great work 🙂
    Any update on the API? We want to use the API to populate questions.

  3. sanjoy2017

    I can’t setup my them slide & at this time when I update my plugin then I saw a message “Update Failed: 405 Not Allowed 405 Not Allowed nginx/1.12.0”
    Now what can I do?
    Please help me.

    1. Most likely a server issue. Check if “curl” is enabled in your site. Also contact your web host for this. Are you able to update other wordpress plugins ?

      1. sanjoy2017

        Sir, I contract my hosting site they do my “curl” enabled for my site & I update my wordpress plugins. But when I run my website then I see a message:

        The slider cannot be found
        Please make sure that you’ve used the right shortcode or method to insert the slider, and check if the corresponding slider exists and it wasn’t deleted previously.
        Now what can I do?

  4. sanjoy2017

    Please give me default them slider download link. If you give me the the default slider then I can set up it my site. At this time I run a slide in my site, so if you give me the default theme then I can set up in my site.

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