Features :
      1. activity recording for instructor commission .(now instructor can see activity for commission awarding in activity )
(NOTE : It will now record only for new woocommerce orders )

Fixed :

  1. [Vibe Course module] Quiz cached results showing clock icon in total marks.
  2.  EventOn front end edit not working due to conflict with wplms front end plugin.
  3. fatal error from stats.php file wplms theme
  4. PHP Fatal error:  Unsupported operand types in D:\xampp\htdocs\wplms\wp-content\plugins\vibe-course-module\includes\bp-course-actions.php on line 897   in case of variable product conneted to course
  5. commissions set to 0 but still awarding commissions in case of co-authors .
  6. Unit Count not shown to non logged in users in course details widget
  7. when custom section privacy is set from course custom nav plugin then that item does not show in course menu to sort
  8. Touch point email not sending to instructor when student comments on unit.


  1. commission in generalised function.




Features :

  1. Course templates and upload type course. tutorial
  2. Course menus tutorial 
  3. Show unit title and url in course status page .tutorial  

Updated :

  1. Modify the certificate expiry shortcode
  2. _commission missing from query in inst simple stats widget
  3. Add check for 9999 in course retakes also.Now shows unlimited retakes instead of 9999 .
  4. eventon sing;e page templates

Fixed :

  1. Cart with recommended items issue.
  2. line break issue in assignments
  3.  finished course access issue .there was form inside form and finished course access does not work
  4. Instructor reply to comment is not posted on single unit page
  5. price tag schema is not defined when connected product is variable
  6. when user do the quiz then marked answer does not clear up even if the instructor reset the course for the user
  7. Course link is missing in new customer order email
  8. Front end plugin  Membership not saving
  9. edit account details tab on my account page in profile showing as “my orders” when you change the edit account endpoint in woocommerce
  10. Remove WooCommerce deprecated function.

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