WPLMS 4.04 , VIBEBP : 1.1.0, WPLMS : 1.1.0

  1. [Feature] New Installer
  2. [bug] PDF attachments in Unit
  3. [bug] Video Popup on courses
  4. Quiz type switching from static to dynamic
  5. BuddyPerss endpoints for custom payment gateway
  6. Directory show Filters by default
  7. Demo styles missing from setup wizard
  8. Groups showing add members to all group members
  9. Forgot PWD email
  10. Hide filters in Members Directory
  11. Video Embed issue.
  12. Added Vibe Helpdesk plugin
  13. Added Vibe Zoom plugin [ coming up ]
  14. Added Vibe Kb plugin
  15. Added Vibe Drive Plugin
  16. Added Vibe Calendar plugin [ Coming up ]

VibeBP 1.007 & WPLMS Plugin updates 1.060

  1. [Update ] Auto Login user on WooCommerce checkout.
  2. Flickering in Material skin
  3. Free Course expired case
  4. Open login popup on free course click
  5. rating button styling fix
  6. Forgot password email check
  7. Quiz constant loading issue
  8. Course Category “none” missing
  9. Brand icons in social login
  10. Single quiz fatal error issue
  11. Login redirect not working
  12. Full course expiry time showing unlimited issue
  13. Take this course appears faded api does not make a hit.
  14. Fixes for WPLMS Batches

VibeBP 1.006 & WPLMS Plugin updates 1.05

  1. [Feature ] Import questions now working
  2. [bug] Login popup Flickering issue in MOOC / App header
  3. [bug]Start course login popup not opening on message link.
  4. [bug] Click on Start/Continue course shows up incorrect course
  5. [ux]  Bigger Start /continue course button in my course – full course
  6. [bug] Dashboard undefined error in some cases
  7. [bug] Members , groups  directory pagination
  8. [bug] Take this course , -PMPro level not displayed
  9. [bug] Course button for PMPro
  10. [bug] Loading sign while login is loading
  11. [bug] Loading sign on course button while loading
  12. [bug] Next unit button show html
  13. [bug] Course title showing html
  14. [bug] Extra space when header disabled in transparent, generic header
  15. [fix] courses directory pagination

WPLMS 4.03 [ VibeBP 1.005 & WPLMS Plugin 1.04 ]

  1. [Feature] Add users to course via CSV Upload.
  2. Translations not working in WPLMS & VibeBP
  3. Course Pre-requisite not removing
  4. Social login security check not working
  5. Header login stopped working in WPLMS with 3.x plugins
  6. Gap appeared in some header styles
  7. Ajax login stopped working in WPLMS with 3.x
  8. Error asking user to login to site, triggers v4 popup
  9. Mobile sticky menu update
  10. Editor not capturing Headings and unable to click on side menu

WPLMS 4.02 [ VibeBP 1.004 & WPLMS Plugin 1.03 ]

  1. BuddyPress activation template fix.
  2. App style header not working with v4.
  3. Transparent header popup flickering in v4
  4. BBPRess reply script missing.
  5. Enforce plugin deactivation with 1 click to migrate from 3.x to 4.x.
  6. Easier Revert to 3.x
  7. BuddyPress 6.x compatibity user_forums now removed.
  8. Search in courses fix
  9. Accordion mode for curriculum
  10. Embed Media in media popup
  11. Progressive uploads in media popup
  12. Quiz bugs
  13. Course duration not saving when left empty
  14. Unit videos seek lock enabled by default.

VibeBP 1.003 & WPLMS Plugin updates 1.02

  1. Mobile UX revamped.
  2. Code notices
  3. Multiple course category images
  4. RTL Fixes
  5. Instructor courses missing with CoAuthors activated
  6. Player speed control overlap in audio units
  7. External media embed option in Units
  8. Edit Email / Password in Profile Settings
  9. Oversized comment input
  10. Course Directory links on images
  11. Free course enrollment


  1. Quiz working fix.
  2. Search not working in header
  3. CSS on add new comment in course area
  4. Notices and bug fixes
  5. Sign in error message handling
  6. Registrations disable switch
  7. Custom registraion page
  8. Search field in course Status placeholder
  9. Hide menu not working correctly.
  10. Course directory
  11. Dark mode fixes
  12. Header menu appearing in background
  13. Warning on incognito mode.



The 4.0 update






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  1. pankajranaji

    In Wpmls 4.01 LMS course page with Elemetor is not loading Properly, Page is not interactive. Popups not working, accordion not working . Please help..

  2. amishbhavsar_136

    Hi WPLMS team,
    Version 4+ is a great idea, but the execution seems to be spotty.
    Many things have broken after the upgrade.
    I see that you are working on quick fixes, but it would be better to test before the release.
    Luckily, I have a staging site where I installed 4.02, and found that the most functionalities don’t work as the did before 4+
    Some functions that are broken:
    – Front end course creation does not work
    – Even as a admin logged in on the wp-admin dashboard, when I click visit site, the front end does not show me as logged in.
    – Front end login button does not work
    – Auto update from WPLMS Dashboard > Getting started does not work
    – No documentation on how to use VibeBP plugin and what it does?
    With so many bugs, it is scary to upgrade. Very disappointed 🙁
    Any idea, when the stable version is going to be released?

    1. The 4.0 is a totally new framework. Bugs were expected. Any amount of testing could not have covered the use cases our customers are using. We promise to reach a stable version 4.1 really fast.

  3. mksprep

    is it possible to keep WordPress login instead of new Vibe BP loving it creates lots of problem among students

  4. This is since the 4.0 version updating :

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bp_course_init() (previously declared in /homepages/3/d507671208/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Formationclassedecouture/wp-content/plugins/wplms_plugin/includes/vibe-course-module/loader.php:36) in /homepages/3/d507671208/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Formationclassedecouture/wp-content/plugins/vibe-course-module/loader.php on line 41

    What’s the issue?

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