VibeBP & WPLMS plugin 1.2.0

  1. [FEATURE] Practice Questions in Units.
  2. [UPDATE] External links in Profile Menu & Logged in Menu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZcjNyVFjZQ&t=9s
  3. [UPDATE] Direct opening of Course Status from course. : https://youtu.be/VRg1cjVDhXo
  4. [BUGFIX] Improved logged in status : https://youtu.be/cvf8X9THtbA
  5. [BUGFIX] Loggedin Menu showing only 1 item Profile,.
  6. [BUGFIX] Login redirect not working.
  7. [BugFix] Profile menu turns blank, transients not saving, fallback added.
  8. [BugFix] Dashboard widget CSS fixes
  9. [BugFix] Shop – orders showing all order data
  10. [BugFix] Live chat fixes. Notifications with Accept chat action
  11. [Update] Optionally exclude live chat from Live.
  12. [Update] Add directories in Members area
  13. [Bugfix] VibeBP Setup wizard, click on toggle not working.
  14. [Update] Site Activity option in Activity items for Administrator
  15. [BugFix] CSS Styling fixes with latest BBPress

WPLMS Theme update 4.080

  1. [BugFix] App header for WPLMS 4.x
  2. [UPDATE] External links in Feature set
  3. [Update] WooCommerce template updated

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