Content Drip Feed in WPLMS

Content Drip is a very powerful medium of imparting education in eLearning sites. Incidentally, WPLMS has a really powerful drip content functionality available, which needs to be explored by the users.

The following video tutorial will explain in detail how you can explore the drip feed functionality in your courses.

WPLMS Supports 5 Type of Content Drip :

  1. Static Drip : Every consecutive unit is accessible after X amount of time.
  2. Unit Duration Drip : Every user has to spent Unit duration time on the unit to access to the next unit.
  3. Section Static Drip : Every consecutive section (collection of units and quizzes between sections (labels)), is available after X amount of Time.
  4. Section Unit Duration Drip : Every consecutive section is available after the cumulative sum of units and quizzes included in the section.
  5. Custom Stat Date/Time for Unit accessibility.


Video Tutorial :


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  1. If the course is set with just one unit, how can I make sure the student spends a certain amount of time on that unit before being able to get the certificate issued? We have our units set as videos embedded from our Vimeo account; the videos are not stored on the website itself.
    (I understand that I can set the different units to be accessible after a certain amount of time, but I don’t see a solution for a course with only one unit).

    1. You need two units for this. Enable drip in course and set the drip duration as dynamic unit duration. So now user needs to send the time which is unit duration on every unit to proceed to the next unit and mark the course complete.

  2. Jose

    Is it possible to enable drip in course and create custom mails for each new unit?

    I would like to build a microlearning site and use mail to announce the users each new lesson including a brief resume of the contents of the day

    1. Possible yes, but it will require a lot of customisation. We can suggest you how to achieve this.

      1. OTNL

        Hi, we would like to use e-mail customization with drip content as well. How does this work?

  3. punkandchoop

    Hi, does “Force prev Unit/Quiz Complete” affect the course drip duration? Specifically, I have my course unit drip duration set for 2 weeks with “Force prev Unit/Quiz Complete” enabled. I have a student that first viewed unit 1 of the course two weeks ago and then marked that unit complete today. They received the message that the “Next Unit Available in 2 weeks’ (although it has already been 2 weeks since their ‘first view’ of the unit). Did selecting “Mark this Unit Complete” reset the drip duration? (one additional note: I did have ajax disabled at the time this student enrolled if that impacts when their first access is registered)

    1. No. Drip works on the first view of unit, so if user did not mark previous unit complete she would not view the next unit so the next to not unit date time is not set. As a quick fix you can simply go to course – admin area and mark their units complete.

  4. ozlady

    If we turn on start date/time in the LMS settings, is this the only drip feed option available for all courses, or does the section/unit drip feed options override this?

    For example, I would like to use the unit drip feed option as a default, but I get approached by custom clients and they require specific date/time drip feeds.

  5. SmileiD

    Is it possile to do custom Stat Date/Time for Section accessibility instead of doing it for each Unit separately?

  6. gilberto_torres_delgado

    Is it possible for a product to release one unit every month, weeks, or days?

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