Content Drip Feed in WPLMS

Content Drip is a very powerful medium of imparting education in eLearning sites. Incidentally, WPLMS has a really powerful drip content functionality available, which needs to be explored by the users.

The following video tutorial will explain in detail how you can explore the drip feed functionality in your courses.

WPLMS Supports 5 Type of Content Drip :

  1. Static Drip : Every consecutive unit is accessible after X amount of time.
  2. Unit Duration Drip : Every user has to spent Unit duration time on the unit to access to the next unit.
  3. Section Static Drip : Every consecutive section (collection of units and quizzes between sections (labels)), is available after X amount of Time.
  4. Section Unit Duration Drip : Every consecutive section is available after the cumulative sum of units and quizzes included in the section.
  5. Custom Stat Date/Time for Unit accessibility.


Video Tutorial :


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  1. Laura

    How is the setup if I want that that the next section is available next week base on the date they start the course?

    1. multiple ways, set drip duration 1 week the starting point is by default the time they start the course

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