Multicurrency Support in commissions

In wplms 3.9.1 ,  We have added full support of multiple currencies from woocommerce in course commissions.


To start with just enable the setting :

” Enable multicurrency support for instructor commissions(from activity table) ”  from wp-admin -> lms -> settings :

Important Note : As you can see that this data is generated based on activity and activity meta table .

You would need to migrate your commissions to activity table .To do that you have to jump to wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> functions -> Sync areas :

Sync the woocommerce instructor commissions for multicurrency support :


After this you are ready to Roll .

you will see currencies options in wp-admin -> settings -> commissions -> pay commissions tab :


New payouts will show the currency as well :



Last but not the least , instructor Dashboard will show like this :


Instructor would need to click on the reload icon :

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