Updating to 3.2 fatal error on site Fix

Please replace your vc-mapper.php file in your wp-content/plugins/vibe-customtypes/metaboxes/library/vc-mapper folder with the given vc-mapper.php file in vc-mapper.zip file that you can download from here : http://bit.ly/2Bfty4H

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  1. EmanuelGT

    Mi installed theme is not detecting the current updates anymore, can you please help me since I don’t want to do a manual update of it.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. marinarov

    Hello guys, I have to add this file before updating or after updating, because i don´t have it in my server

    1. This issue is resolved in 3.2.1 update. So if you’re updating to latest version you can safely ignore this issue.

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