Vibe QR Code Generator 1.0

  • Vibe QR Code Generator is basically a custom plugin which generates QR code for certificates.
  • This Plugin provides the functionality to the instructors as well as students to scan the QR code and find out whose certificate it is as it consists the course as well as the user id.
  • After activating the vibe QR code generator plugin, the QR Code is visible in the certificate of the student.

How Does It Work?

  1. Install the vibe QR code Generator plugin and activate that Plugin from wp-admin > Plugins > installed plugins.
  2. If a course certificate is included in the course and when a user completed the course and earns a certificate.
  3. Then in the profile Section of the user, when he opens the certificate the QR code is visible in the certificate.


  1. the upload of plugin Vibe QR Code Generator doesn’t works … when I try to upload the file zip the system give error 404. Can you help me . Thanks in advance

  2. HI,
    I’m trying to install the plugin vibe-qrcode-generator on my site but the procedure always fails
    Can you help me please
    Waitng for Reply

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