WPLMS 4.096 , VibeBP, WPLMS 1.4.9


1. [Bug Fix] Login does not show user pic & name in BP Single Page
2. [Bug] Curriculum icon Fix
3. [Bug] Empty User object shows “undefined”
4. [Update] Font Swap parameter added
5. [Bug] Fixed row issue in Bootstrap 4 mode.


1. [Bug] Editing content removes the content.

VibeBP 1.4.9

1. [Bug] Editor fixes in multiple editor view
2. [Bug] Image, links missing in multiple editor
3. [Bug] Accordion, Notes, Tabs with multi-editor fixes
4. [Update] French and Spanish translations added
5. [Bug] Bulk delete notification fix
6. [Bug] Activity delete fix
7. [Bug] Service worker not loading fonts issue

WPLMS Plugin 1.4.9

1. [Updated] Course approval for Instructors
2. [Updated] QnA panel also contains unanswered comments for Instructors in Manage courses
3. [Bug] Iframe video in question explanations
4. [bug] Accordion in no-jQuery mode
5. [bug] Location & Levels not showing in course direcotyr
6. [Updated] Quiz floating/decimal point & floating/decimal negative marking
7. [Added] javascript only PDF Certificates without PDF Certificates plugin.
8. [Bug] Fix added for header overlap, when fullscreen course pursue minimised.
9. [bug] CoAuthors directory filters not working correctly
10. [bug] External button not working correctly
11. [Bug] Course Progress not updating for quiz.
12. [Bug] Single course popup for video
13. [Added] Hide all filters in course directory switch in elementor directory widget
14. [Bug] PRofile courses, Instructing courses fix
15. [Bug] Load course via pages. Directory in PWA showing loading sign when service workers enabled.
16. [Added] Achievements ( Show certificates/ Badges) in USer profile, Elementor widget added.
17. [Bug] No heading carousel arrows fixed
18. [Bug] Shortcodes scripts js/css path fix
19. [Updated] Taxonomy search bar added, if terms more than 8 in create course/quiz/question
20. [Bug] Warnings removed when no vibebp installed in wplms_plugin
21. [Update] Notes, Comments, Reviews edit switch.
22. [Bug] Course button , Start Date / seats not showing
23. [Bug] True false question false mark shows correct.
24. [Updated ] isActive class added on curriculum wrapper.
25. [Updated] French and spanish translations added
26. [Bug] Editor changes not appearing in units.

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