Wplms 4.098


  1. [Update] New demo : Link
  2. [Updtaed] filter on vibe_get_option
  3. [Update] Course review replies
  4. [Bug] pmpro checkout page captcha error
  5. [Bug] group id printing fix
  6. [bug] php 8 warnings
  7. [bug] blog directory page blank issue fix in v4


WPLMS Plugin 1.5.7

  1. [Feature] Partial free course .
  2. [Feature] 360 Video support .
  3. [Feature] Question Flag, tell instructor to review the question.
  4. [Update] reverting args in url build file
  5. [Update] add comment reply buttons stick to bottom
  6. [Bug] manage students not showing co author courses fix
  7. [Bug] audio type units creating error fix
  8. [Update] add type of curriculum class to curriculum in edit course
  9. [Bug]  course member api for attendance addon


VibeBP Plugin 1.5.7


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