Wplms Application Forms

Wplms Application Forms is a wplms add-on for receiving the application forms from the students while applying for a particular course.

NOTE: This add-on plugin requires vibe course module 3.4 version, vibe shortcode 3.4 version and wplms front end 3.4 version plugins.

Features : 

  1. The instructors can request users to send application document for applying to their course.
  2. The instructors can see the document and based on it they can approve or reject the application of the students.

Steps to use : 

  1. After installing and activating this plugin, you’ll see an option on the front end course creator/editor to invite the application forms.
  2. Enable this setting and then you’ll see the editor where an instructor can create the application form, refer: 
  3. Now create a form and select the event form option to create the form.
  4. In the form elements you can select the upload option and choose what type of document you need from the students, refer: 
  5. You do not have to set any submit button here, you only need to add the fields that you require from the students.
  6. Now when a student opens the course page, she will see an application form above the apply for course button, refer:                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  7. Now the student can fill the form and upload the required document there and at last, they simply need to click on apply for course button.
  8. Now the instructor can go to the course admin -> submissions -> applications, and here they can see all the students who have applied for the course and the information that they filled in the application form. You will also see the link of the document that the student uploaded which you can download and see it, refer: 
  9. Based on this information the instructors can approve or reject students.
  10. Done.

Download Link: https://wplms.io/downloads/wplms-application-forms/

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  1. jackal

    How to enable this feature and the price at the same time. I want student to send the application and to pay for the course at the same time or to pay after application confirmation?

  2. jackal

    Hi! Would you please try to help me with the following points:

    1- Is there anyway to force student to upload file and fill the form before applying to the course? because even if the student didn’t upload a file he/she still be able to apply!

    2- If I’m going to give the student a downloadable application file to fill in and send back! In this case all students will fill the same file with their details and uploaded it into the form. The problem is the file with the same name is replacing the old on on the server. Files should be automatically renamed after uploading by adding the user name as a prefix!

    3- After application and approval the student is being add to the course, but what about the course payment, How I’m supposed to collect the course fee! It will be important to ask student to submit application and be able to pay for the course before or after approval.


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