WPLMS Appointments Update 1.2

Version 1.2

Bug Fixes:

  1.  In Appointments Directory show text per slot with slot price
  2.  Logged in as student when access the appointments tab of an instructor the buddypress menus are not visible fixed
  3.  Update Meeting args only when meeting is created
  4.  Created Meeting Activity recorded
  5. Show Hide Filters added in Instructing and Booking Tab. So, the select dropdown only visible when user clicks on show filter link
  6. Default PDF Presentation Setting is Added in Appointments Setting
  7. The Popup of Instructing Tab and Booking Tab always shows a subtitle “Badges”. This is fixed now
  8. Appointments Details is added in Woo commerce Order Email
  9. Show Hide Schedule Link from Single Course Page removed which is Redundant
  10.  Maximum Participants Bug Fix in Meetings
  11. CSS Fix for weekly calendar for Mobile Devices
  12. Test Connection Setting of Appointments was not working before
  13. The Products on the shop page will not visible when the product is a product bundle
  14. When Instructor add a default price in his profile the product created in the backend will show the name of the instructor as well
  15. Security key passed in api calls

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