WPLMS Appointments Update 1.5.2

Version 1.5.2

Bug Fix:

  1. While Forcefully Setting Meeting, the condition to Check Meeting Buffer Time Removed. Even the Meeting Buffer Time is not Set, the Meeting will be created
  2. Meeting Ended Condition – A check is added that if meeting ended key is not set then show Join Meeting Button


  • Join Meeting Check in instructing Appointments

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    1. Ewane

      I face the same problem and there seem to be no answer?
      How do I update the appointment plugin?
      once i activate this appointment addon plugin, my site freeses completely, i thought if i update the plugin it might solve the ploblem but no place to update
      How do I resolve that??????

  1. Krishnajipawar

    Dear SIR,

    Slider missioning on the home page, please solve the issue.

    626a7ff0-f143-4d0e-8223-e2f4dbf78b4d – 25 Apr 2020 REGULAR LICENSE

    thanks and reagrds

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