WPLMS Zoom integration

This addon will integrate Zoom with wplms.
download from here : vibe-zoom

Features : 

1. Create,edit,delete meetings from wp editor
2. Set reminders before meetings,send email notifications before meeting.
3. Meeting privacy
4. Specific meeting start time.
5. Adds meetings tab in profile .
6. Instructor privacy.

Get Zoom Credentials :

Login to : https://marketplace.zoom.us/develop/create

Create a JWT App :


Get JWT Creds :

Add Zoom Credentials : https://prnt.sc/s0ood2

To start with it simply got create course and edit.you will see a button meetings above it .
This button will open a popup with two tabs :
All meetings : where you can edit ,delete insert meeting .
Create meeting : will create a meeting .


vibe zoom
vibe zoom

Upon edit it will add a new tab in which you can  edit your meeting :

Please note here that meeting name ,meeting time and meeting duration are required fileds while adding,editing meeting .While creating meeting you can also set email notifications as reminder before meeting starts .To include meetings email template please follow this tip to import emails and import bbb meeting email template .

refer  :

There are four types of privacy :
logged in users , instructors only , course students and selected users .
while showing the meeting with shortcode it will check for privacy and it wont show anything if meeting is not meant for student .

If meeting has not started yet means start time is not passed yet then it will show countdown . after countdown becomes 0 then it will load the meeting in iframe .
Countdown :


If student comes after meeting is expired means meeting duration is over the she will see this message :


User can also view her meeting in her profile :

When countdown expires a button will appear to open meeting :

mportant notes :
1. Only meeting created via add meeting form in popup will show in meetings list in meetings popup .

2. As meeting which are created in meetings popup will show in meeting popup so your existing meetings will not show . SO you would need to create meeting using meetings popup => add meeting form following above instructions  ..


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  1. jukkalu

    Amazing … Can this be integrated into the wplms mobile app?

  2. ranjan2012

    Hi thanks for your video.In my wplms site under meeting i cannot see the time zone. Also once the unit has been formed. i cannot see the meeting in unit section. great that if you can advice what to do

  3. Vira Saksen

    I have a paid version of zoom what has 10 hosts. So we have pre-created 10 meetings for these 10 hosts
    In this case, can we create meeting using these different 10 hosts?
    For example for course 1, meeting will be hosted by host1, course 2 with host2. And so on.

  4. camilo rubio

    hi, i followed al the instructions to instal this addon in mi web, but the zoom meetings button doesnt appear

  5. floristasdemexico

    I figured it out, the PASSWORD has to be NO more than 10 characters, then you will get a Meting Token.

  6. Gawayne Beckford

    Can we get a dedicated resource for a month to install all the available plugins for us?

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