WPLMS Course Details Custom Field

— For versions 2.6 or below.

Go to wp-admin->plugins->editor->wplms-customizer

open wplms-customizer.php

Add these lines after “include_once ‘classes/customizer_class.php’;
Copy the code that is present in this gist link : CODE
After that Go to wp-admin->LMS settings->Course Settings

You can Add, reorder, set privacy of this custom detail there.

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  1. EmanuelGT

    Can this be added directly to the functions.php if using a child theme?

    1. EmanuelGT

      I’ve tried following your instructions and adding it to the wplms_customizer.php file but I got a 500 server error.

  2. Skywalker

    Make sure your vibe custom types plugin is update to the 2.7.
    We have added the filter for it in 2.7 update.

  3. EmanuelGT

    My theme and all plugins are up to date (with the exception of visualcomposer), and I’ve tried adding the above code to the customizer plugin, and on my child’s functions.php with the same result (http error 500).
    What do I need to make this work? thanks!!

  4. EmanuelGT

    I got this error when using the above code from child’s functions.php:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’, expecting ‘)’

    this is of the line:


    Any suggestions?

  5. EmanuelGT

    I figured it out, by replacing the &lg and &gt from your code, and it’s working now, but since this is a static field, is there any way to change it to be something the instructor can provide during course creation/edition, for instance the course language? that would be more useful!!

    Thanks again for your support

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