WPLMS Custom Learning Paths Introduction

The custom learning path addon is a very exciting addon plugin for WPLMS. It aims on creating custom paths for students to learn on the website. Until now there was no concept in wplms for allowing students to learn something in a particular path and award certificates and badges for completing different steps.

Following are the features present in WPLMS Custom Learning Paths Plugin : 

  1. User can enrol in any custom learning path available on website.
  2. User can get certificate and badges for achieving particular points or completing some particular steps.
  3. If the users have already finished the steps then they get the certificates and badges on enrolling.
  4. Stats section for each learninpath.

User Enrollment : 

The user can go to learningpath page and can enrol in it by clicking on enroll now button.

There are different steps in a learningpath which users need to complete for getting points and hence the certificate and badges for it.


User Achievements : 

Users can see their learningpaths in their profile : 

Once the certificate and badges are awarded its shown in their my achivements section : 

User Stats on single learningpath page : 

User can see the stats of particular learninpath on the single learningpath page : 


There are different touch points available for sending notifications, messages and emails to students : 

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  1. aghzakarya

    I’m really interested in this as I am offering coaching on my platform using ( WPLMS ) and would like to integrate this with the courses already created.
    Can this be integrated with WPLMS ? if not are you considering such thing in the future ?
    It would be amazing !

  2. bpbezerra

    I afraid sounding a little dumb, but, how does this differ from the Units I’m already used to? Is it replacing the traditional Curriculum?

  3. karolla86

    Can we make like this something:

    step 1: Finish first unit of A course
    Step 2: Finish first unit of B course
    step 3: Finish second unit of A course
    step4: Finish first unit of C course

    1. H.K. Latiyan

      Yes you can create it, when you create the steps you get the option to choose steps. You can choose mark unit complete step and then set which unit should be marked as complete.

  4. jackal

    Hi! I have bought this plugin but I have a question!
    I have set the step to be completed on course is evaluated for a student, and it works fine, but if I change the status of course to the student to under evaluation, it still showing step is completed on learning path!
    Shouldn’t the steps updated based on the course status of the student?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  5. nicoliebenberg123

    I know how to set up this plugin. I have watched all the videos and read everything I can about it, but when I try to edit the step description by adding a link I don’t know how to get a link. I click everywhere on the step, but I don’t get it right to add a link. How do I add a link in a step?

  6. pietermonster_88

    I am not able to buy the clp addon through your site. I would like to try the addon, can you help me?



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