WPLMS plugin & VibeBP 1.5.1


  1. [Bug] Precache resources script, third party scripts not loaded in PWA
  2. [Bug] Notices appearing for not set settings
  3. [Bug] WPML not supporting wc_get_page_id additional filter provision
  4. [update] HTML menu items in profile
  5. [Update] Portrait mode added as default view in service worker
  6. [Bug] Min-height removed from BP profile grid
  7. [Bug] Elegance style issue

WPLMS Plugin

  1. [Update] Detect WPML Lang paramter and add & or ? in the  direct link for curriculum, take course button and more
  2. [Update] WPML hook to create elements in correct language
  3. [bug] Cursor pointed in manage courses/quizzes
  4. [bug] certificate page fix
  5. [update] New fields import and export filters
  6. [Bug] Course reviews block fixes
  7. [Update ] Quiz stats show percentage marks
  8. [bug] Quiz title & Course title HTML
  9. [Bug] Null attachment in units crashing PWA
  10. [Bug] Non existing course author, curriculum links
  11. [Update] LMS – Settings-  Functions – Sync should proceed from where it left
  12. [Update] Better help text in course creator
  13. [update] CSS Fixes
  14. [update] Vibe Editor trigger to run javascript functionalities
  15. [Bug] unit start date and time not working fixed

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