Wplms plugin and Vibebp update 1.5.8

WPLMS Plugin 1.5.8

  1. [Feature] Non logged in user quizzes .
  2. [Feature] Xapi lms full support.
  3. [Update] set Visual composer unit to text in sync units
  4. [Update] fetch calls handled for server errors
  5. [Update] assign quiz in bulk to course students
  6. [Bug] edit course fullscreen fix
  7. [Bug] Double quotes issue fix in editor.
  8. [Bug] student sidebar loading in instructor dashboard fix
  9. [Bug]  instructor students widget fix
  10. [Bug] member types from buddypress member types in custom reg form
  11. [Bug] translation error in assignment eval message
  12. [Bug] title search issue in my courses and instructing courses random searches showing random results FIX


VibeBP Plugin 1.5.8

  1. [Feature] Profile , groups cover .
  2. [Feature] divider & anchor in editor
  3. [Feature] video and gallery profile fields added
  4. [Update] notification UI updated
  5. [Update] date field flatpickr language param
  6. [Update] dashboard width change and reset button
  7. [Update] forget password now allows username as well
  8. [Update] app theme color setting added
  9. [Bug] mathjax fix in editor
  10. [Bug] profile action button fixes
  11. [Bug] network site url in forgot passwrod for correct link
  12. [Bug] avatar crop bug fix
  13. [Bug]  member actions not working on paginate fix
  14. [Bug]  follow removed from friends member block
  15. [Bug]  fixing Pwa icon issue in notification bar

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