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BP Course Completion Addon

This plugin basically checks whether all the required fields from the user's profile are filled or not. In case if it isn’t, the user is redirected to the profile to complete the fields. What it does:
  • Show Progress bar for the user's profile fields.
  • Prevent Users from performing activities in the site before completing the profile.
Download Link: bp-profile-completion-status-master

Course Invite application addon

This plugin basically adds some custom feature in course. Below is the detailed description of what it does. What it does:
  • It adds product URL on Take this course button, which provides access to purchase the course.
  • when a user completes the purchase, Take this course button will be changed to Apply for the course.
  • Apply for the course button take them to course form, which will be manually approved by an admin or will be automatically approved.
  • now Apply for course button will be changed to Start Course.
Download Link: course-invite-application-addon

Wplms product end date addon

This plugin provides you feature to set product's end date. What It Does:
  • Enable product's end date feature.
  • If you set the expiry date for any product, the expiry date will be applicable for all the courses in the product.
For Example: Product-A has 2 courses Course-A and Course-B. If you set an expiry date for Product-A, the expiry date will be applied to both courses Course-A and Course-B.