New Demo’s released : Demo 4, Demo 5, Demo 6

As a part of the WPLMS 2.0 update released earlier this year, we’ve released 3 new demo’s. The new demo’s show the versatility of the updated WPLMS 2.0 framework. The new demo’s are easy to use and elements can be extracted and used in the older demo’s as well. All […]

New MegaMenu Styles in version 2.1.1

We’ve added two more Mega Menu styles in version 2.1.1 From version 2.1.1 you will get the option to select the Menu styles.     The Category – Sub category terms menu style : *Some CSS have been added to make it into what’s shown above.     Category – […]

One Click setups available for new demos 1,2,3

WPLMS 2.0 has incredible amount of possibilities in terms of design and functionality. There are over 1200 possible design combinations possible and these would just keep on increasing. The most important shift in 2.X updates is that all the design options are available in the default theme itself and you […]

Layout Options in WPLMS 2.0

Since most of the requests for WPLMS are related to design customisations, based on this feedback we’ve added several layout options in the 2.0 update.   Directory Layouts Profile Layouts Group & Course Layouts   Blog Layouts  

Offline Courses in WPLMS 2.0

We’ve added a feature called “Offline courses” in WPLMS 2.0.   What is an offline course ? An Offline Course is a course which does not require an online mode of communication. The instruction for the course happens at a physical location or classroom. For example : Yoga Classes. An […]

Improvements in Course Submissions

In WPLMS 2.0 we’ve added massive improvements in submissions and evaluation area for Instructors. Highlights : Simpler & Faster Interface. Ajax based, no reload required. Displays un-evaluated quiz/assignment/course count. Instructor can select quiz/assignment to get submissions in a course Instructor can manually evaluate quiz/assignments in a course. Instructor can select […]

Course Drive & BuddyDrive integration with WPLMS

We’ve added a new feature called “Course Drive” in WPLMS. This feature will be powered by BuddyDrive. BuddyDrive is a popular plugin which enables drive functionality for members. Using this members of your site can share files, protect files. In Buddydrive you can : Upload files Create new directories Upload […]

New Header Styles in WPLMS 2.0

We’re completely rewriting WPLMS in the 2.0 version. ┬áBased on popular feedback from issues and support topics. We’re introducing new header styles in WPLMS, the header styles can be changed from Theme Customiser – header section. Please share your feedback.   Default   Sleek   Transparent Center   Standard   […]