Migrating to new site WPLMS.io

We’ve migrated WPLMS support from http://vibethemes.com/documentation/wplms to https://Wplms.io/support , all your accounts and data has also been migrated. Simply login to your account with existing username and passwords. The new site WPLMS.io is on a brand new server infrastructure with more processing power which is secure and faster than the […]


WPLMS is now over 3 years old and we’ve followed a progressive journey towards achieving the objectives of this theme. We’ve covered a lot of feature requests in the past and will continue to do so in future as well. However, we also feel the need to share the roadmap […]

Course Templates and upload packages support

We received a lot of feedback from our users that current course creation is complex for instructors as there are too many settings which confuse them. In Wplms 2.9 we are adding course templates feature which will make course creation a breeze. This feature would enable to you to control […]

Demo Switcher in WPLMS 2.8

In WPLMS 2.8 we’ve now added a brand new demo switcher. It is much faster than the site setup wizard and imports only the necessary features like the home page with slider and the customizer. Since there were multiple requests from users to switch between the demos we’ve added this feature […]

User Guided Tours and Walkthroughs in WPLMS

In WPLMS 2.8 we’ve added user guided tours feature, also known as walk throughs. This a step by step guide to achieve an objective in a software. Below is a small snapshot of how it works.   For complex systems such as WPLMS it was almost imperative to add this […]

Upcoming features in WPLMS version 2.5

We’ve made some  improvements in WPLMS 2.5. While majority of pending bugs have been fixed, we’ve also made some improvements in the design of the theme.   Changes in the one click installer We’ve added a brand new one click installer which will help you to install the theme. Conditionally […]

Coming up new features in WPLMS 2.4

WPLMS 2.4 comes with a lot of new features. Most of these features have been added based on on feedback from our users.   Dynamic Quizzes :      Check Correct Answer in Quizzes instantaneously       Multiple Fill in the blanks and Select dropdowns     Survey Question […]

WPLMS will be back in few minutes/hours..

The theme WPLMS has been soft disabled on Themeforest. The reason is the plugin Layerslider 5.x version is impacted by a malware. Since the plugin was included in the theme, it has been soft disabled till the time we update the plugin and resubmit the theme for approval. We have […]