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Course Templates and upload packages support

We received a lot of feedback from our users that current course creation is complex for instructors as there are too many settings which confuse them. In Wplms 2.9 we are adding course templates feature which will make course creation a breeze. This feature would enable to you to control what settings to display and what to hide from your instructors ! At the end on publish course step in front you will see a button to save the current course as a template, which means all the course settings will be saved as default values for courses applying this template. Not only this, you also get to select which settings to show and which settings to hide. For example : You create drip courses with 1 day static duration. You can create/edit your course and save it as a template "Drip courses". Since you do not want your instructors to change the drip duration settings hide the drip settings from the template and now instructors will create courses using your template which  are drip enabled with 1 day static duration without noticing drip as it is hidden by the template.  

 Course Templates

Clicking on it you will see a popup like to save current settings and values of course as a template . You can also choose to hide/show settings for while creating course template .

Upload Course package support

Not only this, if you're building courses from Articulate storyline or Adobe captivate, you can directly add your courses in WPLMS via "Upload course package". So effectively you're selling your Course packages to students and when they start they see the course package in  Fullscreen like this.  

Demo Switcher in WPLMS 2.8

In WPLMS 2.8 we've now added a brand new demo switcher. It is much faster than the site setup wizard and imports only the necessary features like the home page with slider and the customizer. Since there were multiple requests from users to switch between the demos we've added this feature for easy switching between the demos. Refer video for Walkthough :  

User Guided Tours and Walkthroughs in WPLMS

In WPLMS 2.8 we've added user guided tours feature, also known as walk throughs. This a step by step guide to achieve an objective in a software. Below is a small snapshot of how it works.   For complex systems such as WPLMS it was almost imperative to add this feature. So that we're able to better guide our users on how to use the theme more effectively. Tours are classified based on User roles, so we have student tours, instructor tours and administrator tours. Using this feature :
  1. Instructors will be able to better guide their students on how to use the site for various tasks.
  2. Administrators will be able to guide instructors on various activities in the site.
  3. We (Vibethemes) will be able to guide administrators on how to do various configurations in their sites.
In future, we'll be adding capability to add custom tours in the WPLMS as well.   Important links :  Translation guide for Tours

Ajax Login, Registration and forgot password email template

In WPLMS 2.5.2 we've added Ajax login and registration feature, which also supports forgot password email template. All you need to do is enable the switch WP Admin - WPLMS - BuddyPress - Enable Ajax login and registration. Once the above setting is enabled :
  1. All validations happen via ajax which means users are not redirected to WP login screen when they enter a wrong password.
  2. Forgot password and registration open right within the login popup and everything including the registration happen in ajax mode.
  3. Users in your site login via ajax which avoids overheads and better for security when login happens via wp-login.php thereby exposing the login script.
  4. Faster and better user experience for users as they no longer need to open a new page for forgot password or registration.
  5. Forgot password template has been added. Although this is pending in BuddyPress, we've gone ahead and added it in WPLMS. You'll get an option to import a page template as soon as you update the vibe course module plugin.
Refer tutorial for further information.

Upcoming features in WPLMS version 2.5

We've made some  improvements in WPLMS 2.5. While majority of pending bugs have been fixed, we've also made some improvements in the design of the theme.   Changes in the one click installer
  1. We've added a brand new one click installer which will help you to install the theme.
  2. Conditionally install plugins based on the features required in your setup.
  3. Switch between demo themes.
  4. Install content like install the pages (home page) without switching the theme or overwriting any other content.
  5. Install sample slider from any demos.
  6. Import widgets, dashboard areas, mega menus easily without losing current settings.
  7. Switch logo and colors easily.
  8. Works with Updated Envato API, for faster updates.
  The old installer is still present in the theme so users will still be able to import all the data using the old importer. The new installer only has the demo data content, so users would not be able to import data from child themes using this installer. However, the data from installer can be imported on any child theme.     Changes in the Course status page
  1. Update course status page template
  2. Allows full screen mode for better content viewing.
  3. Switch between templates from WPLMS - Course manager area.

Coming up new features in WPLMS 2.4

WPLMS 2.4 comes with a lot of new features. Most of these features have been added based on on feedback from our users.   Dynamic Quizzes :  
  Check Correct Answer in Quizzes instantaneously    
  Multiple Fill in the blanks and Select dropdowns  
  Survey Question type  
  Page Loading effects Auto Filter switch in Course Filters widget    
    Instructor courses in Profiles     Many more improvements have been added, most of the improvements focus on speed and usability.   More updates releasing in the coming week are :
  1. PL Upload integration in WPLMS S3 : You can now upload any video size in your Amazon S3 account.
  2. WPLMS WooCommerce : Display pricing in Popup format and for Batches in Sidebar format.

WPLMS will be back in few minutes/hours..

The theme WPLMS has been soft disabled on Themeforest. The reason is the plugin Layerslider 5.x version is impacted by a malware. Since the plugin was included in the theme, it has been soft disabled till the time we update the plugin and resubmit the theme for approval. We have resubmitted the theme with updated Layerslider plugin. Anyone using the Layerslider plugin please update it. Refer this tutorial for help : The theme has been resubmitted for approval and will be back in few hours. Thanks for patience.

New Demo’s released : Demo 4, Demo 5, Demo 6

As a part of the WPLMS 2.0 update released earlier this year, we've released 3 new demo's. The new demo's show the versatility of the updated WPLMS 2.0 framework. The new demo's are easy to use and elements can be extracted and used in the older demo's as well. All the design options in the new demos are controlled from the theme customizer area. Click on image to load the demo. Demo 4:   Demo 5:   Demo 6: The demo data for these new demo's will be available later in the week.

New MegaMenu Styles in version 2.1.1

We've added two more Mega Menu styles in version 2.1.1 From version 2.1.1 you will get the option to select the Menu styles. menu2.1.1     The Category - Sub category terms menu style : cat_menu *Some CSS have been added to make it into what's shown above.     Category - Posts Style   posts_menu   The above menu styles will be available in the 2.1.1 update.

One Click setups available for new demos 1,2,3

WPLMS 2.0 has incredible amount of possibilities in terms of design and functionality. There are over 1200 possible design combinations possible and these would just keep on increasing. The most important shift in 2.X updates is that all the design options are available in the default theme itself and you only need to use the blank theme for customisations. Our plan is to release 25 demos with the 2.0 version. So you'll be seeing a lot of new demos in the coming few months. We've released the first one click setup demos for Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3 after the WPLMS 2.0 update. Demo 1 : Minimal Theme, Standard Header, C2 Course layout, P2 Profile Layout, D2 Directory Layout, G2 Group layout. Live demo Demo 2 : Elegant Theme, Transparent Header, C3 Course layout, P3 Profile Layout, D3 Directory Layout, G3 Group layout. Live demo Demo 3 : Minimal Theme, Sleek Header, C4 Course layout, P4 Profile Layout, D5 Directory Layout, G4 Group layout. Live demo We also added MegaMenus in the demo's because it is a really powerful feature but not being widely used in the sites built with WPLMS.  

WPLMS Demo 1,2,3 one Click setup Tutorial


Layout Options in WPLMS 2.0

Since most of the requests for WPLMS are related to design customisations, based on this feedback we've added several layout options in the 2.0 update.   Directory Layouts [gallery link="file" ids="18407,18408,18409,18410,18411,18412"] Profile Layouts [gallery ids="18418,18419,18420,18421"] Group & Course Layouts [gallery ids="18428,18423,18424,18425,18427,18426"]   Blog Layouts [gallery link="file" ids="18432,18431,18430,18433"]  

Offline Courses in WPLMS 2.0

We've added a feature called "Offline courses" in WPLMS 2.0.   What is an offline course ? An Offline Course is a course which does not require an online mode of communication. The instruction for the course happens at a physical location or classroom. For example : Yoga Classes.
  • An Instructor needs to specify a location for such courses. (Available in 1.x.x)
  • An instructor needs to define what she'll be instructing on Period 1 / Day 1 of the Class, Period/Day 2 of the class. This information should be available upfront before users take the course.
  • Students do not need to login to pursue the course.
  • Students do not need to login and mark finish to complete a course.
  • The Instructor may need to manually assign certificates/badges/marks to students. (Available in 1.x.x)
  • Display Course progress on the Home page.
  • Allow Students to review course from course home page.
  • Students may only want to apply for the course, the payment is handled offline
  What's new in WPLMS 2.0 ?
  • Display Unit content directly in Course curriculum
  • Display Course progress on home page.
  • Automatically define course progress based on Duration of the course.
  • Allow students to review course from course home page
  • Apply and Approve system for Course Applications
  Although these features are added for Offline Courses these can also be activated for Online Courses as well. Screenshots : [gallery link="file" ids="18386,18387,18388,18389,18390,18391,18394,18393,18392"]  

Improvements in Course Submissions

In WPLMS 2.0 we've added massive improvements in submissions and evaluation area for Instructors. Highlights :
  1. Simpler & Faster Interface.
  2. Ajax based, no reload required.
  3. Displays un-evaluated quiz/assignment/course count.
  4. Instructor can select quiz/assignment to get submissions in a course
  5. Instructor can manually evaluate quiz/assignments in a course.
  6. Instructor can select evaluation status.
  7. Instructor can re-evaluate already evaluated quiz/assignments.
  Screenshots : [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="16117,16118,16119,16120"] takipçi satın al istanbul escort bayan ankara escort bayan bursa escort bayan antalya escort bayan Instagram takipçi satın al instagram takipçi satın al takipçi satın al instagram smm paneli