One Click Setup : WPLMS Demo1,Demo 2, Demo 3, Demo 4, Demo 5, Demo 6

In this tutorial you can setup WPLMS DEMO 1 : OR WPLMS DEMO 2 : OR WPLMS DEMO 3 :  OR DEMO 4 : OR DEMO 5 : DEMO 6 : in your WordPress setup in just one click.

Steps to Follow :

  1. Download the WPLMS Demo Sample data plugin  : Demo 1 Download Link , Demo 2 Download Link, Demo 3 Download Link, Demo 4 Download Link, Demo 5 Download Link , Demo 6 Download Link
  2. Activate the plugin before activating the theme.
  3. Upload and activate the theme in a clean setup. (Unable to upload ? Try the Cpanel method)
  4. Install the required plugins
  5. Click on One Click setup
  6. Save Permalinks and Components.
  7. Done !

Installing DEMO 1 :

 Installing DEMO 2 :

Installing DEMO 3 :

Installing DEMO 4 :

Installing DEMO 5 :

Installing DEMO 6 :

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  1. consp51

    Same question, the above video is really old, things don’t match with the new WPLMS anymore, the team need to update the new workflow and remove some of the videos on youtube. It’s not user-friendly to the new user.

  2. moseskonlan

    mr vibes, my theme does not look so simple for me to work with after installation. i realised what i have installed is a blank child theme? i have changed the preferred demo theme severally but still displays blank.
    how do i get my package installed to look just like any of the advertised themes? pls help

  3. Zakizak93

    we are waiting for the 4.0 demo hope we’ll can use it soon

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