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    Hi there, right before moving to the current platform, you helped me applying the learning center theme( to my client's website. I noticed that the background didn't change to white as it looks in the demo website. The client has requested to change the website theme and making sure the background is changed to white. When I try to do this manually, It ruins a big portion of the website where many text are not readable. Can you help me re-apply the theme including changing the background?


    Your credentials are still active. I have refreshed the staging so the theme that you imported is no longer available.

    Anshuman Sahu

    Hi the creds are not working :


    Can you try this:

    User: vbthemes

    Pass: vb@supp0rt#23

    Anshuman Sahu

    still not working : 

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    Anshuman Sahu

    Hi installed the demo


    Great thank you. One quick question. If you go from the top menu and choose All Specialities, it opens a page to show all course categories but it shows them in blue squares, is there a way this blue square can changed to white?

    Anshuman Sahu

    fixed by setting bg color :


    Hi there, do you mind to send me the theme file and the steps that I need to follow to change the theme and the colors as you did before. I have to do some urgent maintenance to the website but I am afraid I will lose the configurations you did to the theme.

    Anshuman Sahu

    Hi I followed the same steps as mentioned here : this guide works for existing installation as well.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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