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    HI Working on new UI look for course pages. Which template files from parent theme are used for course page UI. Which to be copied to child theme to override template from parent theme? I got one file named header2.php Which are other files? Respond asap. Regards, Makarand (Developer)  
    H.K. Latiyan
    Hi, The course layout is built using 4 files. For example lets take the c2 course layout. In this first the top of the course comes from the wplms/templates/course/topc2.php In this the course-header2.php file is included which shows the header content for the course. Now after this topc2.php file the frontc2.php file included which is responsible for showing the course content and the course reviews. At the last the bottomc2.php file is included which shows the course button, course details widget, instructor of the course, student undertaking and the course sidebar.   So if you need to modify the course layout then you'll have to copy these 4 files in your child theme in the same folder and then make changes according to your requirements. ----------------- The edit course page is not a template but its a shortcode, and the wplms front end plugin is responsible for handling this page. In the wplms front end plugin you can look into the files present in the includes folder specially the class.generate_fields.php file which is responsible for generating the edit course page. Since it's not a template so you cannot override it using the child theme, but you can use different hooks present in there to modify it.
    Where I can get course curriculum file for course page? I have copied these files course-header2.php,  topc2.php, frontc2.php, bottomc2.php in child theme,but curriculum file is not there. Regards, Makarand (Developer)  
    Mark Morgan
    Hi, You can find the curriculum.php file in course module. course-module -> includes -> templates ->course -> single -> curriculum.php
    Hi, I would like to customize frontc2.php in a child theme. Where exactly in a child theme do I have to put customized  frontc2.php file? wplms-child - ? (can you set exact path and additional action in functions.php if needed)
    Hello, Yes, it is possible. please create your own topic so that I can help you better. refer this tip:
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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