How to connect course to woocommerce to receive payments?

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    1. Please let me know how to connect a course to wocommerce to receive payments?

    2. Please also clarify, how to add the members manually with out getting payments (I have collected payment from members through other means) to the course. Please clarify through step by step process. I know the bulk option, but, how to create individual user ids and how to set username and password for that

    3. Also I donot use groups, forums, and other addon features , please tell me how to disable that in buddy press ( I heard that it will slows down the site

      Sir, I am new to this, please explain clearly through step by step process. I hope you will help me in this regard.    

    Anshuman Sahu
    1. Just create a product form fornt end for the course and save the pricing in the pricing section of the fornt end course creation .Check that video How to use . refer : 2. You can add the members to course manually from course admin . refer : 3. Please disable the bbpress plugin to remove forums functionality . To remove  groups Disable the groups component from wp-admin -> settings -> buddypress -> compenents  and save changes To remove events deactivate the Eventon and its wplms eventon addon plugin . Deactivate the wplms eventon addon plugin first and then eventon plugin as the addon plugin is dependant on eventon plugin and deactivating the eventon plugin first may break your site .
    Sir, For adding students to the course manually, Do we have to first create new users through, and then add the students manually through Front end? is it correct? all the users are allowed login through is it ok? Once they changed password, are they allowed to login directly through LOGIN Page of my website Sir, please let me know is it the correct procedure.   Regards,
    H.K. Latiyan
    1) Yes first you need to register the new users either manually from the users->add new or make them register from the fron end register page. Then you can add them to the course manually or they can purchase the course. 2) Yes all the users can login from wp-login.php. They can login from your website with their passwords (even after changing the password with the new one).
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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