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    I have a new set of questions regarding the management of people attending or willing to attend a course:
    – if someone registers for a course, the website manager is notified but what about the teacher? Can he/will he be notified to?
    – is it possible to send automatically generic e-mails to take into consideration the different situations regarding a course: cancellation due to poor number of participants; confirmation of a course because a minimum number of applicants has been reached; end of registrations because the course has reached its maximum number of applicants;
    – what if when the course actually starts, some of the applicants don't show? In short, how can we handle the absent people? While I'm at it, any news/chance of getting a list of participants for a course for these people to sign in?
    – when the data for a course are modified by the teacher, does the website manager get an automatic notification? What if it is the website manager who makes the changes, does the teacher get a notification?
    – in the course, the specific dates for a course (from … date to … date) do not show, just the relative date (the course will start in 2 weeks, for instance). Any way of showing automatically the specific dates?
    – same question for the price of the course: could it appear right from the course description? With a specific sidebar maybe?
    – last but not least: my client would like to duplicate in bulk the courses of a specific year (say for instance, the 2015 session) to move it to the next session (the 2016 session). How can we do that? Single post duplication (and therefore single course duplication) is possible through plugins like Post duplicator. Any solution for mass duplication?
    Thanks for your help!
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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