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    I've installed the chat and have a few problems.
    1. Too many steps to communicate with the instructor. I was hoping that the chat option could replace the built in messaging of buddypress. But to chat with an instructor, the student has to:
    • open the chat window
    • search for the instructor
    • wait for the name to show
    • click invite to chat
    Ideally, a "message the instructor" button would be placed on the course page that, when clicked, launched a chat window for that instructor. The same button should be on each member's profile for the same reason.
    1. When the chat plugin is enabled on the site with the university header, the mobile menu is not functioning.
    I really like the idea
    Enable chat on avatar click in chat settings and user can directly chat with instructor by clicking on this avatar.   will get back to you about the university header issue.
    Ok. I could not get the chat to work by clicking on the user's avatar.
    @jacobwindham Yes, you are right. I found this as a bug.
    Has this bug been fixed?
    Scott Lang
    Hi, We are  working  on it .please track this trello card for update :
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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