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    Hi I had submitted previous tickets saying that I was unable to upgrade to the latest version of WPLMS. I never got a reply and then got an offer in my email <h2 id=":10g" class="hP" tabindex="-1">Upcoming Support Expiry + Pre-Expiry Extension Offer</h2> Even though my extended support is not close to expiring I thought that If I purchased more support I would get a reply so I went to renew it  because it is critical that I have access to the support as wplms as it is a major part of my business. however when I did I noticed an error that was preventing me from renewing my support and thought that other users might be having the same problem. when you guys created the support renewal product at envato you put $3200 not $32.00 and as a result when you try and check out it is saying that the total is $3,200.00 so I am not sure if you can edit it and fix it or post another link? I would like to purchase the extended support if possible? and upgrade my theme to the latest version that is what my other 2 tickets were about when I try and upgrade to the latest version of WPLMS. I am getting an error I will attach another screen shot below. thanks, Justin
    Hi, I am not sure what offer you're referring to. Vibethemes has never sent any offer emails. Since we're exclusive authors at Envato the pricing (for now) and offers are controlled by Envato not us. The support price is as follows : $19 if you purchase with the theme Around $32 if you upgrade before expire Around $48 if you upgrade post expire. Chose the regular license to upgrade. --- I think you're looking at wrong prices -- for the upgrade failed it is a temporary issue which happens when the envato Api is down or the network connection between your server and Amazon s3 servers is slow. try to upgrade after some time and the issue would be resolved.  
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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