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    There's a new update from WooCommerce but they display a warning: 2.6 is a major update so it is important that you make backups, and ensure themes and extensions are 2.6 compatible before upgrading. Developers should catch up with the development blog to see what has been happening in core.Note: 2.6 includes Shipping Zone functionality. Please ensure shipping method extensions in particular (e.g. Table Rate Shipping) support 2.6 before updating. Should I proceed with update or wait more info from here? Thanks  
    H.K. Latiyan
    For now you can ignore this message because woocommerce 2.6 has not been released as of now, the latest version is still 2.5 for the users. For now only the beta version has been released and I have beta version installed in my test setup and we have already made wplms compatible with the 2.6 beta version. When the woocommerce 2.6 update is released you can simply update it as we already made it compatible with wplms.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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