1. 5 New Featured Blocks in Page Builder , Carousels, Post grids.
  2. Featured Content block in Page builder
  3. Hide Course Modules (Members, Activity, Drive, Curriculum) from LMS – Settings
  4. Hide finished courses from Course directory. LMS – Settings


  1. Course Forum subscription on Course subscription
  2. Visual Composer updated
  3. EventOn updated

Bug Fixes

  1. Permalinks not working when “course” slug changed
  2. Visual Composer issue
  3. Mobile Menu not working
  4. Mobile menu second and third levels not working
  5. Default image for Members
  6. Default Logo image missing.
  7. Drip feed not working in course.
  8. List styling in units and courses
  9. Non ajax units in courses bug
  10. Modern theme with Header Layouts
  11. Modern Theme with Directory, profile, group, course layouts
  12. Modern theme with sleek header bugs
  13. Alternate Logo not appearing
  14. Site Lock registration page errors not appearing
  15. Email order items mail issue showing errors
  16. Registration page not working with new field types
  17. Admin logs out on activating users from WP Admin
  18. Modern theme one click install issue
  19. OneInstructor theme one click install issue.
  20. WooCommerce deactivated Dashboard stats widget error
  21. Dashboard widget WooCommerce currency order
  22. WP Editor border missing in forums and assignments
  23. Activity meta links in safari
  24. Short description missing C2 course layout
  25. Add new unit connects to a blank forum
  26. Forgot password not working in Site Lock
  27. Error messages not appearing in site lock
  28. Shop page and product page not appearing properly in Modern theme
  29. Currency alignment in dashboard commission widget
  30. Modern theme with admin bar issue
  31. Bugs in safari
  32. Group activities not appearing
  33. Certificate height and width incorrect.
  34. Course Drive bug with revert permalinks
  35. Course Events bug with revert permalinks
  36. Unit Description not working with Accordion
  37. Revert Permalinks tip does not work with Course slug renamed.
  38. Instructors editing other instructors courses bug.
  39. Single quote appearing in Archive.php inauthor url
  40. Reviews styling in Course
  41. transparent header bugs
  42. “Who can see this field” styling issue in registration page
  43. Registration page not detecting new field types defined by plugins
  44. Course code count not applied
  45. Course Code error message not appearing properly
  46. Logo and BuddyPress login menu issue
  47. Search icon in Mooc header not appearing
  48. Filterable not working without Visual composer
  49. Group description not saving in Front end Course creation
  50. BuddyPress registration page errors appearing white in color
  51. Course Code appearing in Activity
  52. Add member to course should be removed from selection after User added to course in Course – Admin
  53. Translation bug in reviews template
  54. Course code activity recording twice
  55. Event Creation not working in Front end Coruse creation
  56. Header CSS issues
  57. Mobile Styling issues
  58. WooCommerce product subscription duration parameter bug
  59. Custom permalink for Testimonial
  60. MyCred points not appearing in Transparent header
  61. Standard header not working with MyCred points
  62. Sort question type evaluation not working
  63. Edit URL in My Orders not working
  64. Code Codes not saving in Front end plugins
  65. Scripts.js error when WooCommerce deactivated in wp admin
  66. Unit Forum with Course forum privacy bug

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  1. josebalaguer

    Since I updated to the last version I’m having an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘endwhile’ (T_ENDWHILE) in … wp-content/themes/wplms/course/single/home.php on line 149
    I,m also having a lot of problems with the last update of visual composer because the layout is broken, seems that it doesn’t get the CSS and even some of the interface elements on the home page are not visible!!!!!!

  2. hayzed

    I could tell you that this update really messed everything up, the same top menu problem is still existing in the Modern theme bar and Instructor themes is showing really bad after i tried to cover up the error in tips.html.

    You guys are always in a hurry to push out your stuff with too much error, anytime I update it is going to be a whole lot of distortion, why not test it out before releasing?

    I am tired of this, its always a waste of time each time when you talk of upgrades and your customer feedback is now soooooo poooor.
    Please correct this errors before releasing an update again please.

    1. The 2.0.6 update is the most stable update. We’ve tested this update on all our demos and make sure you’ve also updated the modern theme. Please check the reviews for our latest update, majority users claim that their issues were resolved.

    1. racereed

      hustler101…if you figure out before they get to us, please let me know. I can’t find it either. It seems like it would be in the download section where the other child themes are, but….

      1. Re-download the theme package from Thereforest acount and unzip the package. Inside the unzipped package you’ll see a folder “child themes”, inside this folder you’ll get the latest modern theme.

  3. Elevationproject

    For some reason the 2.0.6 update is not showing up for my Modern Child theme. I was able to update all other plugins and the main wplms theme however the child theme update is not showing and yet the notification still shows at the top for me to update the child theme to 2.0.6

  4. hustler101

    Hello Vibe Themes Support,

    I downloaded the latest version of the theme 2.0.6 from envato market themeforest account.
    But when I try to run the site with this new theme on a new wordpress installation the wp-admin stops working and gives white screen. It happens when after activating the theme I try to install plugins one by one and when I activate the plugin “vibe custom post type” the site breaks and wp-admin screen goes white.

    Can you guys re-check this issue?

    Why the website wp-admin stops working after activating the “vibe custom post type” plugin?


  5. asined27

    I updated the theme and the content in my courses does not show. Can you please help me as soon as possible? I have people that want to sign up for my courses and they cannot see the content of the courses.

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