Apply drip feed based on duration of unit

This feature will be available in vibe custom types plugin version

1. Enable “Enable Unit Time as Drip Duration” from wp-admin ->Lms ->settings->general :

2. Provide duration in your units :

Now the duration of the unit will be the amount of drip feed .
Student will not be able to access next unit until the duration of previous unit is over .

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  1. Quick fix, if you can not wait for version (not required for Vibe custom types version :
    function wplms_unit_wise_drip($value,$pre_unit_id,$course_id,$unit_id){
    $user_id = get_current_user_id();
    $duration = get_post_meta($pre_unit_id,’vibe_duration’,true);
    $unit_duration_parameter = apply_filters(‘vibe_unit_duration_parameter’,60);
    $preunit_access_timestamp = get_post_meta($pre_unit_id,$user_id,true);
    $value = $preunit_access_timestamp+$duration*$unit_duration_parameter;
    return $value;

  2. georgeallan

    There is any prevision time to release the version

    1. This setting would be available in the WP Admin – LMS – Settings – General in 1.9.9 update.

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