hide course group and forum for non course students

This tip will hide the forum and group link for the students who have not purchased the course or the course has been expired for them .
It will also hide the group and forum link for the non logged in user .

Please add the given code in your wplms-customizer.php file in wplms customizer plugin :



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  1. Did not work for me. Does nothing of the sort.

    All I want is that registered buyers are automatically subscribed to a group. I was hoping I can use this mechanism for buyers to subscribe to a course that belongs to the group they have purchased.

    Any other idea how to do that?

  2. cornelmarcu

    Hi Alex,

    This code doesn’t work in Modern Theme.

    Please advise.

  3. ecarmona

    it works fine for not logged in users, but it doesn’t show the when I logged in and opened my registered course as a student. I can only see them as an admin now, did I missed something?

  4. alexarosario

    This doesn’t work… Just added a bunch of code at the top of my site.

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