How to use WPLMS Attendance

How to use WPLMS Attendance :

  • Install and activate plugin.
  • To start using this, enable attendance in course settings. Go to Edit Course -> Components Course Settings -> enable Course Attendance.
  • When you  enable it, two new field will be open.
    1. Attendance Schedule Calendar.
    2. Auto Enable Attendance.

      1. Attendance Schedule Calendar : Select date/dates, for which you want to make attendance mark. You don’t need to set schedule, If you want to mark attendance for everyday.
      2. Enable Auto Attendance : By enabling it, Attendance will be mark automatically on course open. If no schedule set, Attendance will be automatically marked everyday on course open.


  • You can mark attendance in bulk in course admin section.

      1. Select students for which you want to mark attendance.
      2. Click on attendance action.
      3. Select dates for which you want to mark attendance.
      4. select type for marking as present or absent.
      5. Click on save button to save attendance.
  • You can import attendance through csv file in course STATS section.

      1. On admin section , click on stats to open stats.
      2. In Import Attendance section select csv file to import.
      3. Click on Upload file .
  • Download stats for attendance :

      1. On admin section , click on stats to open stats.
      2. In download section, make sure attendance checkbox is checked to download attendance stats.
      3. Select start date and end date as per your need.
      4. Click on Process stats and then Download.

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  1. bpbezerra

    There should be a Touch Point for Attendance. If a student doesn’t login into the course after 2 days, let’s say, the system would send an email/notifica/message/push notification reminding the student to go back to the course.

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