WPLMS Attendance : import attendance feature

New Feature :

  • Added a platform to import attendance.

Simply go to ADMIN SECTION of course, click on STATS and little down below you will find a section of IMPORT ATTENDANCE. Just select csv file and upload.

To get idea about csv format click on Download sample.


Notes :

  • Attendance file format : csv.
  • Date Format : mm/dd/YYYY ( Example: 02/15/2019).
  • Type “1” for Mark Present. and leave blank or mark “0” for absent.
  • To get better idea about csv format click on Download sample Link on STATS page.

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1 Comment

  1. alvinaccount_136

    Hi, could you address these following issues?
    1. We are using SAAS. We need a detailed record of tutor profile filter and match it with our leads, one of it due to the time schedule of each day. We don’t want the time of schedule clash.
    2. It talks about the time schedule each area has different time zone. In my country, we have 3 different types of timezone. Could you solve it in calendar?
    3. Usually attendance will automatically to payment gateway, we are processing using Midtrans. Can this attendance help to automatically count billing to client, payroll for teacher and those things will be shown in report.

    Thank you.

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