Importing Pages from the Demo

Occasionally you may require the demo pages to create new pages.
In this tip we share the export code for the demo pages using which you can simply import all the demo pages built using Pagebuilder into your WPLMS setup.

Here’s how you can do this:

1. Go to WP Admin -> Vibe Options Panel -> Page builder manager

2. Locate the import code box.

3. Download this file from the attachment given with this article.

4. Unzip this zip file and open the file in a text editor.

5. Copy the contents from this file into the Import code box. Make sure no spaces are copied in the process.

6. Select import.

7. After this create a new page, go to Pagebuilder and click on saved layouts, you’ll get the demo layouts in your WPLMS setup.

Follow the video tip:

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