Migrate all the wplms emails to Buddypress again .

From wplms version 2.7 we have added option to change the wplms_bp_emails  option from wp-admin -> lms-> settings -> functions -> ad hoc -> Custom Field for Option .
Now to change option you have set the wplms_bp_emails option like this as shown in screenshot :

After setting this value you will get notofication in admin to migrate emails .
for wplms version below 2.7 :

Please follow these steps :
1.Log in to your wp-admin and access the link : http://your-site.com/wp-admin/options.php .
2. This page will have all the options from your options table .
3. Now search for the option named ” wplms_bp_emails ” .
4. Value in this option will be version of vibe course module plugin if you have already migrated and 0 if not .
So put there 1 and save the changes .You will get the notification again to migrate all the wplms emails .

refer http://prntscr.com/camkh1

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