Features :

  1. Live search in Directories and My courses, Instructing courses area.
  2. New Featured block.

Bug Fixes :

  1. Duplicate courses in Masonry
  2. Start date filter not working in directory
  3. Bad URL in course directory
  4. httpss in some urls
  5. WooCommerce my account bug in some cases
  6. All courses pagination not working in mobile
  7. All courses page not working in Mobile.
  8. Signup not translatable in theme login poups
  9. Add titles in News and Activity widgets in Dashboard
  10. Support for standard widgets in Dashboards
  11. Course directory mobile, js functions stopped working, login dropdown, mobile menu not opening.
  12. WPLMS S3 not working with Admin area restriction
  13. Vibe course menu walker missing translation domain
  14. favicon not appearing in bookmarks
  15. BP ajax registration plugin fix added
  16. Course review button appears even when comments disabled for course
  17. Course review form does not apper with course directory slug

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  1. lincourtl

    Support for standard widgets in Dashboards

    Thank you!

  2. supvip

    I’m having problems loading the classes, besides being too slow, when I click to move to a new class, the page is only charging.

  3. mattkennedy

    We’ve recently updated and now our students are all locked out of their classes! please help asap! it says “This course can not be taken, contact administrator”

  4. andres

    The student does not get the registration confirmation.

    1. Make sure HTML emails is disabled in the wadmin -lms-settings-emails and try the gmail smtp plugin.

      1. andres

        English Translated:

        I followed his instructions Lms -mail Settings and have downloaded the plugin gmail SMTP and still not working.

        Students remain in pending validation.

        I have also updated the theme.


        He seguido su instrucciones Lms Settings -mail y he bajado el plugin SMTP de gmail y sigue sin funcionar.

        Los alumnos se quedan en pendientes de validación.

        También he actualizado el theme.

  5. andres

    Hace varios días que escribí y nadie responde.. gracias!

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