Migrate from LearnDash to WPLMS

If you’re using LearnDash plugin and want to migrate to WPLMS, we have a good news for you. We have a one click migrator plugin which would migrate all your LearnDash courses into WPLMS.

Steps to Migrate :

  1. Requirement : LeardDash should be installed and active
  2. Requirement : Vibe Custom Types, WPLMS Assignments should be installed and active
  3. Requirement : WPLMS Theme or one of its child theme should be installed and active.
  4. Install the plugin : Download : wplms-learndash-migrate
  5. You will see a warning message to migrate all the courses from LearnDash to WPLMS.
  6. Click on the One click migrate button.
  7. You will see a progress bar in green.
  8. Once the migration is complete, the progress bar will show 100% and a completion message.


Download : wplms-learndash-migrate

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