Modern Theme

How to get latest Modern theme : Tutorial

Download modern theme 2.4.1 from this link.

Download latest modern theme compatible with wplms 3.4 from this link 

You’ll need to update the theme manually (via FTP or Cpanel), because we do not auto-update child themes.

How to Update :

  1. Copy any/all the “code” changes you’ve done in the theme. Mostly in the functions.php file.
  2. Download the modern theme from above link
  3. Upload it in your server at wp-content/themes location.
  4. Remove the wplms_modern folder in your current theme.
  5. Upload and unzip the .zip file in your server.
  6. Done.

How to get Modern theme ?

  • Download WPLMS Package from themeforest account.
  • Unzip the downloaded .zip package.
  • Locate the file, this is the modern child theme.
  • Install both and in your WP Admin – appearance – themes – section.

Note : If you face any issues while uploading, then check the pre-setup section in documentation, if it does not help, check the videos in quick installation guide, it has more than one way of installing the theme. If you’re still unable to upload the file, do contact your webhost for increasing the upload limit. If none of the above help, please create a topic in our support forums.

The theme can be activated as it is and after some configuration (also shown in video) it can be activated on any existing WPLMS site.

Theme requires following plugins to work (all free and included in the theme) :

  • BP Social Connect for social logins : link
  • CoAuthors plus for adding more than one instructor in course : link
  • WPLMS CoAuthors plus addon : link

Refer Video :

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  1. interactifdesign

    Hello does the 1.9.9 update is downloadable yet?

  2. quanto

    What has been changed in the version of 23 Oct. vs the version of 20 Oct.?

    1. Some templates were missing like allinstructors, author.php, author-course.php which have now been added in the template.

    1. Make sure you’re using version 1.1 of modern theme and it would appear automatically when you click on “check courses by instructor” in instructor profile.

    1. You’ll need to manually do this, because child theme do not come with auto-update feature. Simply, download the latest modern theme, remove the old theme via ftp and upload it to your server – themes directory via ftp.

  3. Valik

    Theme wplms modern is compatible with wplms my creed add plugin, point sistem is implemented in the modern theme ? Its a nice theme i want to buy, but before, i need to know if i can use the modern theme with point sistem . Thanks.

  4. interactifdesign

    i have installed the Modren Theme 1.2 and the wplms frent end but i still can’t upload any zip file in front course edit.
    When this bug will be resolved ?

  5. nena14

    How do I add the “Lorem-text” (in the image above) in the instructor portfolio?

    1. You specify a Instructor Bio field in WP Admin – WPLMS – BuddyPress area. The content of this field is displayed as Instructor description.

      1. nena14

        Sorry, I do not understand… Where shall I add the text?

  6. IanS

    I see something mentioned here about course review switch. Is there a way to disable reviews on certain course categories. I can code so even if you just point me to the file that I need to edit it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yes, that may be possible. We can share a tip in forums for this, just make sure you create a topic in forums .

  7. Evan

    Hello. When you install the theme on the WPLMS 2, it is not displayed correctly. Wrong display units on the home page, as well as courses and profiles page. What is the problem??

  8. Concias

    Hi, Mr. Vibe

    I was wondering, is it possible just to integrate the REGISTRATION and LOGIN page from the modern theme to work in my WPLMS default theme.
    I will prefer the simplicity and sleek design of the modern theme to the one I currently have with the WPLMS theme.


    if this is not possible, can i use a registration plugin to substitute the current login and register page on the default WPLMS?



    1. Try the various login options in the theme from wp admin – appearance – customiser – header section

  9. mikelcabezas

    Hi, its possible move the button Send Quizz above the Questions?

    I’m using Modern Child Theme, and the button is on header.


  10. Mosrika54

    Hi everybody

    I just can’t find the page builder export code for Modern Theme .. it was mentioned above but there is no code !!

        1. This is not a slider just a background image 🙂 the counter is built using the course search shortcode

    1. Only the header has changed, I am sharing another article on this. It’s just 2 line code which you can update in your header so that search would work.

  11. nemilio

    Mr. Vibe I need your support with Video Vibe and I cannot open a ticket although I bought the plugin… It’s unacceptable to buy a plugin and do not have an option to open a ticket for it.
    Can you please contact me?
    Thank you

  12. Janna

    Hi. Where can I see what the course looks like from the students side? Am looking for an example to see what they see.

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