Improved commissions and payouts module

We have added a new Setting in Instructor’s dashboard where they can check their commissions and payouts.

What’s in this Update:

  • Tabular and graphical representation of Commissions.
  • Various filter available for Commissions.
  • Tabular and graphical representation of Payouts with date filter.
  • Request payout feature is now available.

How it works:


To have this module you need to enable Wplms Api from wp-admin -> lms -> settings -> Api : 

  • The instructor opens his dashboard and select commissions.

  • Whenever a student user purchases a course, some commission will be assigned to the respective instructor.
  • An instructor can check all the commissions here.
  • An instructor can check their payouts in payouts section.

  • An instructor can also request payouts from here.
  • Payout request goes to admin and admin pay respective payouts.

  • All paid commission updates on payout page.



1 . IN order this to work please enable Api from wp-admin ->LMS-> settings -> Api .

2. You would need to update vibe course module , vibe customtypes and wplms theme to version 3.9.7 

3 . Please add this line in your.htaccess file :

SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$0

If above line does not work please change the above line to :

SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1


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