WPLMS Appointment Update 1.6

Version 1.6.1

Bug Fixes:

  • While Removing the Schedules Should Remove the Meta Value as well
  • save date first – reload – save time is not showing start time fixed
  • Booked slots(Student View) show popup on clicking again and available for booking in student view even if it is already booked
  • $args warning in BBB resolved
  • Enable Recording – this feature is still in development, so removed it from the addon until we finish

Feature Added

  • A “Read More” option is added in the directory so the description should be visible there in a specific character length

Version 1.6

Bug Fixes:

  • Even After Plugin Update, the updater shows to update plugin notice
  • Number of Students Fix – If there are 100 of users booked a specific schedule then the count was not correct
  • Fixed the Student Count in the Booking Tab as well
  • While connecting a course with a schedule it was showing all courses instead of showing only those courses which are created by that instructor
  • Removing the connected schedules from the course directly was not working.
  • The book Tab on a single course page was showing removed schedules from the course as well is now fixed
  • With UTC + 3 timezone, create a schedule from 1 AM to 8AM with 1h break slot, now the first day of the schedule was missing, now fixed

Feature Added

Note: This will enable the recording session feature on server but we are not fetching the recorded session and that’s why you will not able to see it under the tab here: http://prntscr.com/tek0uf

We will release this in next update


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