Wplms Instructor Memberships

Download link : https://wplms.io/downloads/wplms-instructor-memberships/

this plugin allows you to create and sell memberhship plans for instructors with ability to control the number of courses, quizzes, units , assignments to publish on your website .

Basically with these plans you can force instructor pay for the content .


To begin with please create membership plan in your wp-admin-> lms -> All memberhsip plans :


Then to sell this plan you have to select this plan in a product .So add a product and set as many plans you want in it :


Thats it whoever purchases this product will get access to publish 1000 of courses, quizzes , assignment, units on the website.

After 1000 they wont show the add quiz,unit,assignment button in front end and for course instructor wont be able to publish course from front end .

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