WPLMS REST API & Auth Server

WPLMS 3.0 uses oAuth 2.0 Server for authentication and user management. Though we’re not using all the features of the oAuth server, it is a very secure tool in managing site user login and registrations.

New Playlist for WPLMS API & APPS : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8n4TGA_rwD8yp01ggzmCFfLKVt15ULuk

Following points will highlight the benefits of this feature :

  1. Facilitate secure mobile app authentication, since mobile app access login data remotely without actually logging in to your WPLMS site, this feature was required for user authentication and management.
  2. Authentication via Tokens : Once a user is verified , the oAuth server generates a secure Authorization token which is accompanied and verified in every API call which is trying to access and modify confidential data. Then tokens expire and can be removed from WPLMS API panel, so it presents a secure way of communication between apps and your web site.
  3. Site Identity : Every site can be easily distinguished with another via state factor which is uniquely added for every site.
  4. Built for WPLMS Mobile apps : Since the API and APP development happened side by side for WPLMS, we have added special features to enable better communication and management of users connected via apps with your WPLMS site.

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